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Website (STILL) Under Construction

So, I’ve had this website for at least as long as I’ve had the podcast and I still don’t have it looking good.  Actually, it did look okay for a few months until I changed web hosting companies and website builder programs.

Before, I was using Weebly Drag and Drop Builder which, for me, was very simple to use. But simple doesn’t always mean awesome. There were so many things I wanted to be able to do with my site but couldn’t because of the way Weebly worked.

Now I have WordPress and am clueless!  I can’t even figure out how to change the background photo – something that I could pretty much do with my eyes closed when I used Weebly.  I’m stuck with SCUBA divers until I can learn to upload a picture that actually has to do with my show!

I keep hearing that it’s best for an entrepreneur to delegate the jobs that don’t come easily for them.  The building of the website is just that for me – a job I probably should delegate.  That’s one more thing I’m working on as I grow myself and my business – letting go of the thought that “I have to do everything”.

So, until I get things looking good and functioning again, please accept my apology for the delay.

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Thanks again for listening (or in this case, reading) and until we meet again, Simply Make It Count!